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The Moorings – „But it's impossible for us to drink as much as hungarian people do!”

The french band, The Moorings played in Hungary last december with Paddy and the Rats on their birthday tour. Nowdays The Moorings has a tour in France and Italy, but they spent me a few minutes for a short interview, Nicky, the guitarist answered my questions.

Rockbook: When was the band formed?

The Moorings: The band originally formed in 2007 and became what it is today in 2011.

Rockbook: How did you meet each other?

The Moorings: Denis and me (Nicky) are friends from highschool. Matt, our bass player is a guy we have all known since a long time as he was a big figure in our local music scene. Anne Sophie came to our area for her studies and we've met her at the bar. Our drummer is the newman, we're still learning to know him.

Rockbook: Where did you meet this music style and why did you choose this to play?

The Moorings: Denis decided to play this kind of music to pay tribute to his roots. We thought it was cool and followed.

Rockbook: You played a lot of festivals and little clubs too. Which is better for you?

The Moorings: Both are great, it's just a different taste. There isn't one we like more than the other.


Rockbook: You played on a tour with Paddy and the Rats last december. From where did the idea come?

The Moorings: The idea came from Paddy and the Rats and we'll never thank them enough for it. They are lovely people and we'll spin it again anytime!

Rockbook: Since when are you friends? Where did you meet them?

The Moorings: We toured with them in 2010 in Hungary and France and that was our first meeting... a whole bunch of good memories too.

Rockbook: If I know right in your song, Friendship, you singing about Paddy, Seamus and palinka? Do you like this hungarian traditional drink?

The Moorings: Absolutly! Palinka is very similar to a drink we call Schnaps, but it's impossible for us to drink as much as hungarian people do!

Rockbook: What do you think of Hungary and the Hungarian audience?

The Moorings: They are fabulous... very curious and giving, highly enthusiastic. Hungary has an amazing culture and Budapest is a very nice and sprawling city!

Rockbook: Would you like to come back to make some concerts? If yes, when?

The Moorings: Hell yeah! Anytime! Please someone organise it!


The Moorings - Friendship


Rockbook: Are you planning to work together with Paddy in the future?

The Moorings: There are no plans at the moments, but who knows?

Rockbook: What kind of musics do you listen to nowadays?

The Moorings: I can't speak for everybody but I listen to a lot of classic punk rock.

Rockbook: Sophy-Ann how manages the boys as a sole woman?

The Moorings: She doesn't manage us, we manage her!

Rockbook: What are your plans for this year?

The Moorings: Tour and get a record out!

Rockbook: What would you send a message about to your Hungarian fans and Rockbook readers?

The Moorings: We love you and hope very much to see you again!


Kriszta Mathe

You can find them:

The Moorings