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Tekintsétek meg a júliusban megjelenő rock/metal albumok listáját

2014 júliusa nagyobbnál nagyobb albumok megjelenésével bővelkedik. A teljes listát megtekinthetitek a cikk alján. Az egyik legjobban várt korong talán a Judas Priest július 8-án megjelenő ‘Redeemer of Souls’ albuma, de meglepetés érkezik többek között a Suicide Silence, Guns N’ Roses, Madball, és Rise Against rajongóknak is. Tekintsétek meg a teljes listát.

Július 1:

The Dead Rabbitts, ‘Shapeshifter’ (Tragic Hero)
Death Vomit, ‘Gutted By Horrors’ (Xtreem)
Desaster, ‘Live In Bamberg’ (High Roller)
Desecration, ‘Cemetery Sickness’ (Metal Age)
Drunk Dad, ‘Ripper Killer’ (Eolian Empire)
Eternal Oblivion, ‘Human Fields’ (HPGD)
Every Time I Die, ‘From Parts Unknown’ (Epitaph)
Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Democracy 3D: Live From The Hard Rock Casino – Las Vegas’ DVD (Universal)
Illdisposed, ‘With the Lost Souls On Our Side’ (Massacre)
Madball, ‘Hardcore Lives’ (Black N Blue)
Rog & Pip, ‘Our Revolution’ (Rise Above)

Július 8:

’68, ‘In Humor and Sadness’ (eOne / Good Fight)
Amberian Dawn, ‘Magic Forest’ (Napalm)
Angist, ‘Circle Of Suffering’ (Hammerheart)
Chelsea Grin, ‘Ashes To Ashes’ (Artery / Razor & Tie)
Corruption, ‘Devil’s Share’ (Metal Mind)
Dream Theater, ‘The Studio Albums: 1992-2011′ Box Set (Roadrunner)
Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket, ‘In A Dutch Haze’ (Outer Battery / Roadburn)
English Dogs, ‘The Thing With Two Heads’ (Candlelight)
Erimha, ‘Reign Through Immortality’ (Victory)
Goatwhore, ‘Constricting Rage of the Merciless’ (Metal Blade)
Hate Division, ‘Order of the Enslaved’ (Blast Head)
Iron Man, ‘Generation Void’ Reissue (Shadow Kingdom)
Iron Man, ‘The Passage’ Reissue (Shadow Kingdom)
Islander, ‘Violence & Destruction’ (Victory)
Judas Priest, ‘Redeemer of Souls’ (Epic)
Kruk, ‘Before’ (Metal Mind)
Monuments, ‘The Amanuensis’ (Century Media)
Mortals, ‘Cursed To See the Future’ (Reprise)
Origin, ‘Omnipresent’ (Nuclear Blast)
Pinnick Gales Pridgen, ‘PGP2′ (Magna Carta)
The Relapse Symphony – ‘Shadows’ (Standby)
Sonic Syndicate, ‘Sonic Syndicate’ (Nuclear Blast)
Starset, ‘Transmissions’ (Razor & Tie)
Steel Prophet, ‘Omniscient’ (Cruz del Sur)
Ted Nugent, ‘SHUTUP&JAM!’ (Frontiers)
Terminal Death, ‘Terminal Death’ (Shadow Kingdom)
Theory of a Deadman – ‘SaVages’ (Roadrunner)
Vintersorg, ‘Naturbål’ (Napalm)
Wolves in the Throne Room, ‘Celestite’ (Artemisia)
Wolvhammer, Clawing Into Black Sun’ (Profound Lore)
Zone Zero, ‘The Lost Legacy’ (Shadow Kingdom)

Július 15:

Antemasque, ‘Antemasque’ (Navie)
Demonic Resurrection, ‘The Demon King’ (Candlelight)
Grave Digger, ‘The Return of the Reaper’ (Napalm)
Night By Night, ‘NxN’ (Cargo)
Novembers Doom, ‘Bled White’ (The End)
Lazer/Wulf, ‘The Beast of Left and Right’ (Retro Futurist)
Pennywise – ‘Yesterdays’ (Interscope)
Rise Against, ‘The Black Market’ (Interscope)
Suicide Silence, ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ (Nuclear Blast)
United Nations, ‘The Next Four Years’ (Temporary Residence)
Volumes, ‘No Sleep’ (Mediaskare)

Július 22:

Bastard Feast, ‘Osculum Infame’ (Season Of Mist)
Corrupt Moral Altar, ‘Mechanical Tides’ (Season Of Mist)
The Dagger, ‘The Dagger’ (Century Media)
Echoes, ‘The Pursuit’ (Universal Warning)
Entrails, ‘Resurrected From the Grave (Demo Collection)’ (Metal Blade)
(Hed)pe, ‘Evolution’ (Pavement)
Ill Nino, ”Til Death, La Familia’ (Victory)
Keitzer, ‘The Last Defence’ (FDA Rekotz)
King of Asgard ,-’Karg’ (Metal Blade)
Kix, TBA (Loud and Proud)
Rage Nucleaire, ‘’Black Storm of Violence’ (Season Of Mist)
Vices, ‘New Breed’ (Melotov)
Within The Ruins, ‘Phenomena’ (eOne)

Július 29:

Abolition A.D., ‘After Death Before Chaos’ (Pulverised)
Adelitas Way, ‘Stuck’ (Virgin)
Krigsgrav, ‘The Carrion Fields’ (Naturmacht)
Motorhead, ‘Aftershock’ Tour Edition (UDR)
Theory of a Deadman, ‘Savages’ (Roadrunner)
UnBreakable, ‘Knockout’ (Dark Star)

ill nino
sonic syndicate
Guns N’ Roses
Dream Theater