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The Idoru

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The Idoru combines the forces of metal, hardcore and punkrock genres straight into your face on their latest and fourth studio album called Time, and this "time" they complete the album with acoustic songs as well. The material was recorded at SuperSize Recording, which is the most professional studio in Hungary, lead by well qualified experts, such as Zoli Varga, who has also been the producer for the band over the past several years.
By the way, this quintet won the Fonogram award in the category of best modern rock-metal album in 2012 /for the second time in the band's career/ with their latest record,"Time”. It is said that this is the most remarkable appreciation by the Hungarian music sphere. The history of the band began in 2003, since then they went through many European underground headliner tours, even in Russia, and played a couple of shows with the California band "Ignite" in Japan, joined the Misfits on their European tour, and during the years they survived several member changes. In 2012, the current line-up is stronger than ever, which is proved through their new creation. So check it out, and drop some lines!


The most interesting actions:

2004: Headliner tour in Japan
2005: Headliner tour in Europe
2007: European tour with MISFITS
2007: Japan tour with IGNITE
2008: II.European tour with MISFITS
2009: Hungarian tour
2010: The band won the Fonogram Music Award - Best Rock/Metal album of the year
2011: The acoustic song of the band called „I'm Moving On” aired by a big hungarian radio station Mr2 Petőfi, and became No.1 on the summer top 30, + Hungarian tour + several shows abroad
2012: The band won the Fonogram Music Award again! + Hungarian tour


Shows abroad so far:

* Austria * Belgium * Croatia * Czech Republic * France * Germany * Italy * Japan * Latvia * Lithuania * Netherlands * Poland * Romania * Russia * Serbia * Slovakia * Slovenia * Switzerland * Ukrain



* After The Storm /Demo 2003/
* Brand New Way, Brand New Situation /Album 2004/
* Hopeless Illusions /EP 2006/
* Monologue /Album 2007/
* Face The Light /Album 2009/
* Modern Rock Split /Ep 2010/
* Time /Album 2011/
* Time Special Edition /Album 2013/



  • The Idoru - Friends
  • The Idoru - I'm Moving On
  • The Idoru - Évről évre
  • The Idoru - Ain't Worth Shit!
  • The Idoru - Idoru Must Be Destroyed!

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