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John 5 interview - "I’m still friend with Manson and Twiggy and David Lee Roth"

We had a chance to make an interview with John 5 from the famouse Rob Zombie band. They were awesome on stage in Budapest on Aerodrome festival on the 16th of July. John was really nice and friendly, we were talking about his and Rob Zombie’s upcoming album and his family as well. Click here!

When we arrived to the backstage, John was already waiting for us, and we started the interview in some minutes. He arrived with a bad-ass guitar,and a big smile on his face, he seemed really excited about being in Budapest and have a little chat with us. He answered every  questions what we asked and at the end of our interview, we gave him little surprise, a hungarian tradicinal drink, pálinka. We even had a chace to make some photos with him, and he signed some cds as well.  I think he was one of the friedliset musician who I ever met, it was a pleasure to meet with him.




John 5
rob zombie