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Korn has a huge announcement at this fall's tour. Video interview with Brian "Head" Welch

KoRn is my everything, since I was 13 years old, so you can imagine how happy I was when they called me from Sziget Festival, that I can make an interview with them. Click here!

I had a chance to choose a member from the band for the interview, so I choosed Brian „Head” Welch.



He quit the band in 2005, and joined them again in 2013. In the past years he quit drugs and battled with his heavy drinking problem, he found faith, and living a different lifestyle now.

On August 16th, at 19:00, we were waiting in the backstage, and in a couple of minutes, we were starting the interview. Brian was really nice and friendly in the whole time, he was answering for all of our questions. I showed him the portrait of Jonathan Davis on my leg, he was smiling and was surprised at the same time, and he signed my „Save me from myself” book and cd as well. I even gave him a copy about my thesis, what I wrote at the of my university, about his life, addiction, seeing from the psychological side. He seemed happy about it, and gave me a hug and saying thank you. (I bet he didn’t get a present like this before)

I was thinking this interview can’t be better, when he jumped from the couch and said he will be back in some minutes. After a little while, Jonathan Davis and Fieldy opened the door, and I can’t explain how happy I was. Jon signed my leg next to his portrait, and Head singed my other leg as well, cause I had an appoinment for the next day at the Budapest Ink Tattoo, to make this day as memorable as it’s possible. We made a picture together with Jon, Head, Fieldy, me and Eszter (out camera girl),but after we had to leave, because they had to start the next interview.

First and last, Brian was really friendly, you could see he really is for the fans, a person who is asking for the other band members around to see you, just because he knows it’s important for you and it will make you happy.

I thank you so much to be there, that was one of the biggest moment in my life, to meet my favourite singer on the whole planet, and meet one of my favourite guitar player!