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Henrik Freischlader – ’Night Train To Budapest’ (2013) album review

I can definitely say that blues is the most honest genre among rock styles. At first, I had a very discursive musical taste, and blues wasn’t close to me until I heard Stevie Ray Vaughan. It was unforgettable, also he became my idol and through emerging into listening to several performers, I discovered the biggest aces: BB King, Albert King, Gary Moore Eric Clapton and so on.

An evening I was browsing the Facebook when I found a Henrik Freischlader video. As I remember well, it was a live video of the song called ’The Blues’ and I immediately I felt the power of it. The young German blues guitarist’s latest studio album was released with the title of ’Night Train To Budapest’ in November 2013.

According to Henrik’s point of view, the new album is rather influenced by rock than the previous ones, but no worries, still there is the magic of blues in all 11 songs. The album is entirely his own: he plays every instrument himself, as he did on his 2009 album ’Recorded By Martin Meinschäfer’.

The record starts with the fast pace song of the ’Point of View’ and regarding the sounding, it is a dirty distorted song spiced with funk recalling the Led Zeppelin to me. Focusing to the opening song of the album ’House In The Woods’, it becomes obvious that Henrik prefers starting with a burst. The ’Point of View’ is followed by two  ballads with sadder tones of  the ’Everything Is Gone’ and ’Caroline’ which can be described as low blues enriched with emotions just as ’My Woman’and ’Think About You’.

Altogether, my impression is that sensitive pieces of music overtake songs with hard riffs though the songs ’Better Man’ Down The Road’ and the ’Shame’ contain hot blues riffs and screaming solos. I would highlight the ’Shame’ because this is personally my favourite heavy blues song with typical mid-tempo and chorus which I surely will go wild for in April on the A38. The album is ended with the song of ’Your Loving Was So Good’ that is quite psychedelic but completely fits to the entire record.

All in all, I am totally satisfied with the ’Night Train To Budapest’ and I can recommend it to everyone. Henrik is a very talented guitarist and performer with unique tones. The new album is diverse: besides the hard ones, there are several slower and melodic songs, more than in the previous albums.  ’The Night Train to Budapest’ gives me such positive impact that I am looking forward to the next album. Until then do not miss A38 in Budapest on 3rd of April.


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